Seoul develops on Han river and it grew up quickly generating avery complex and connected urban system. The Yeoui Naru Terminal project aspires to amplify the connection between the river, the park and the city, intensifying the urban experience.

Mooring maneuvers

The analysis of each possible approach route considers boats over 60 meters long. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2002O Maneuverability Regulations have been considered in order to define the routes.


The docks have been designed using a floating technology. Their width varies from 2,50 to 16 meters. Their main structure is made of galvanized steel, and it is supported by floating keels made of thermoplastic resin with an expanded core.

Lower structure: 2400 m2 - Functional facilities: 760 m2 - Service and amenities: 1240 m2 - Marina facilities: 3200 m2